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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mary K

Charlotte, Anita and Helen - here's their news! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was so good to see everyone this past week. Along with the grief were the precious remembrances that bind us all together. David has left quite a legacy that spurs us to emulate.
Thanks to Angela for setting this blog up. Now we'll have to check it once in a while! Is there a way to post pictures? I'm kinda new at this. anita

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good idea, Angela! Now if we'll just USE it!!! Some basic info. about us: Curtis is still an assoc. prof./men's basketball assoc. coach at OC - he is also working on his PhD. I am teaching adjunct writing at OC - perfect schedule for keeping up with Delaney Kate(age 4 as of 1/15/05).

You all may not be aware, but David's NAIA/SAC athletic involvement "tied" him to Curtis and the OC basketball program. Curtis and I have had so many people - and people we don't even know - tell us great stories about David and his character. It is, indeed, a small world and David so very obviously has left a deep impression on the hearts of all who knew him. . .

Let's stay in touch!

Kathryn (Jones) Janz

7:27 PM  

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